Training [:]

Through training services Centro Servizi supports Public Administrations, Local Authorities and Companies in the process of organizational change that nowadays is necessary to develop information technologies, markets and legislation.


Enriching one’s curriculum – by developing skills in line with the needs of the labor market – and easing the entry of young people onto the “world production chains” – also through qualified training courses/internships – are the objectives pursued by our Training actions characterized by qualified teachers and by the simultaneous involvement of the business system.
Our actions often follow a preliminary stage of research and selection of new staff to be included in the labour market .


Designing ad hoc training courses to meet specific needs is the goal of our tailor-made training. The analysis of training needs and the consequent contextualization of the training courses represent the idea that can lead to performance and results optimization processes that are also achievable in FAD through the DOCEBO platform


Vocational training is part of the so-called concept of ” lifelong learning” – training throughout the course of life – as a permanent part of work activities and personal development.
Our actions can be a necessary and crucial tool to fight job insecurity and the need to retrain qualified workers in order to redeploy them or to implement their professional knowledge.
They are characterized by specific didactic modules addressing subjects and technical contents of interest, often agreed with social partners, defined in an individual, corporate, territorial or sectorial Training Plan and turned into educational projects financed by Inter-professional Funds for the Lifelong learning.[:]