Project management meets the need to identify and carry out the project objectives, anticipating and mitigating the risk factors related to it.
We support public administrations and companies guaranteeing results, times and costs through the Change Management even for very complex projects.


Project Financing is a double opportunity: a particular form of long-term investment for companies; the opportunity to enrich the infrastructure heritage for public administrations.
Through the research for the best possible quality / income or cash flow ratio of a project resulting from the project itself, we identify the optimal procedure.


Strategic planning of an enterprise development and reorganization may require the merger with other companies or their acquisition to enable the achievement of market shares and leadership positions much more quickly than through an internal growth.
Through the activities of Merger & Acquisition, we support companies in the analysis, design and implementation of corporate finance transactions.


The design and implementation of surveys, empirical surveys and consulting services designed to help clients achieve their strategic goals are the main lines of our activities.
The activities are divided into consulting services, supports to strategic planning, monitoring of policies and public opinion, ad hoc surveys supported by highly qualified expertise with respect to all the methods adopted and with analytical accuracy and methodological precision