Centro Servizi specializes in providing Consulting services to Companies, Public Administrations and Local Authorities: we support them in the process of their competitive capabilities development.
Our business arises from our trust in the value of Human Resources, builders of ideas, opportunities for discussion, collaboration and constant growth. We rely on the dynamism of our team of professionals and a network of partners and collaborators, bearers of expertise in various fields.
Our daily challenge is to:

  • Listen to customers to interpret their needs and turn them into activities that will help them to maximize their potential;
  • Increase their confidence by offering high quality services;
  • Demonstrate efficiency, competence and flexibility;
  • Welcome innovations to offer cutting-edge services, differentiated and adaptable to various targets.

Our vision is to:

  • Embody an organizational dynamic system, open to new challenges, based on its team’s commitment and enthusiasm;
  • Become a center of excellence in the development of individual and organizational learning;
  • Operate in the perspective of national and international networks;
  • Develop collaborations and exchanges with other companies, associations, universities and research institutes.


Centro Servizi can count on a team of consultants and specialists with significant academic and professional backgrounds and a deep knowledge of one or more business sectors and functions, gained through several past experiences.
The team spirit, the focus on results, comparison, fast actions and professionalism are the characteristics that define the approach of Centro Servizi team in sharing objectives and activities.
The working environment of Centro Servizi is highly creative and young and able to deal with each project with a unique and innovative approach.


Our commitment has been cultivated and enhanced through years of activity and is rooted in the belief that continuous updating of our skills, determination and perseverance allow us to build high quality services to be offered to our customers.
The standard of our services is guaranteed not only by our almost thirty-year experience but also by:
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality certification in the following areas: Sector 35 Enterprise Professional Services “Design, development and delivery of services of personnel research and selection”; Sector 37 Education “Training and company consulting services in organizational and economic–financial areas”; Sector 33 Information Technology “Design and development of websites and databases” Certificate No. CERT- 09128-2001-AQ- BRI- SINCERT.

Authorization to carry out personnel research and selection issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs no. 24948 on 25/10/2007.

Authorization to carry out services of outplacement issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs no. 3022 on 13/02/2015.

Compliance with its own Code of Ethics which is the best professional guarantee for expected outcomes and for stakeholders: (customers, suppliers, partners, citizens, employees, collaborators, public institutions, environmental associations and anyone else interested in the company activity).[:]